A Warm Welcome to the ~Technical~ Side of Life.

Howdy and welcome! If you’ve read my writing before, you may have enjoyed my ever-so-tasteful anecdotes surrounding football teams, running, and trying my hand at satirical narration.

But enough about hearing about me personally! Let’s switch things up a little for ya. Enough of the flowery language and run-on sentences; what you’re really craving is short, choppy bullet points of incomplete code segments.

Well, your prayers encrypted in 0’s and 1’s hath been answered. Introducing my NEW medium channel, Chasetech. In here, we run the gamut — whether discussing pattern solutions to common technical interviewing questions, to demonstrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models for your favorite topics, to personal anecdotes to help aspiring developers and technical junkies.

I hope my articles make you laugh, but then think a little bit about them. This blog is meant to inspire, but if you just take my stuff and copy-paste into your compiler, that’s okay too. Leave the internet a better place than you found it I guess.

You (the Software Engineer) listening to my blog.

"Y'all got any of them new scanners?" -Scanner scan